• How does Solar Feeder work?

    When a squirrel touches two metal surfaces at the same time the birdfeeder "sees" the squirrel and delivers a mild stimulus. Over time squirrels associate the sound of the unit and learn to stay away. Birds don't conduct well enough and are "invisible" to the stimulus.
  • Why does it feed more birds?

    Traditional birdfeeder usually have 2-4 feeding perches, limiting the number of birds that may feed at once. The large, open windows ("Open Architecture") of Solar Feeder makes bird feel safe because they fly out any side of the birdfeeder. This also allows more birds to feed at once.
  • How much birdseed do I save?

    Squirrels eat and store birdseed. An open birdfeeder like the Solar Feeder would normally be empty in just a few days. By keeping squirrels away, seed consumption by squirrels is eliminated, allowing more birds to feed. An additional benefit is that it is very difficult for the squirrel to damage the bird feeder.
  • Why is seed drainage and anti-microbial surfaces inportant?

    Seed drainage allows water to pass through the birdfeeder after rain. This allows the birdseed to dry out and stay fresh longer. Anti-microbial plastic surfaces help reduce germs and mold that can grow in the feeding area. Both of these features help keep birds healthy.
  • How do I clean the birdfeeder?

    Open the roof, remove the seed tube and the seed tray. Dump or wipe out any old remaining birdseed with a dry cloth. The surfaces of the birdfeeder can be cleaned with soap and water.
  • Why does Solar Feeder need direct sunlight?

    Placing Solar Feeder in a clear location allows birds to locate the bird feeder. Solar Feeder requires some direct sunlight to recharge the batteries.
  • What does the blinking light on the switch indicate?

    When operating normally, the switch light will blink at a steady rate based on the amount of sunlight it receives... with direct sunlight the light will blink almost once per three seconds. If you touch two metal surfaces at the same time, the light will double-blink and discharge a stimulus. If the unit is filled with water, or, is not getting enough sunlight, the switch light will triple-blink, meaning that the birdfeeder is not receiving enough sunlight and /or needs to be cleaned.
  • Whats the best place to install Solar Feeder?

    The best place is a clear, visible location, free from tree cover. This allows birds to locate the birdfeeder, for the solar cell receive direct sunlight and for you to see the birdfeeder from your house.
  • What is the best way to install the Solar Feeder?

    You can install Solar Feeder in your garden using the ground auger (available on our website) and by purchasing a PVC or Wood 4x4 at your local hardware or home supply store. Turn the auger into the ground, attach the post to the auger and place Solar Feeder on the post. You can also install Solar Feeder using a deck mount (also available on our website). Attach the deck mount to the outside of a deck post and place Solar Feeder on the post. Make sure to put the deck mount on the outside of the deck mount to reduce any spilled seed onto your deck.
  • What if I have a problem?

    Please call or email us with your questions! We will usually get back to you on the same day!